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Here’s what you can expect on your no obligation Strategy Session.

Not Included

  • A glorified sales pitch
  • The same session for everyone
  • A commitment to work with us
  • Old, generic ideas that don’t work in healthcare 

Is Included

  • A no obligation review of your current strategy
  • Targeting ideas for your ideal patient base
  • Actionable tips to convert more patients right now!
  • Secrets to getting more referrals and converting them better
  • Insights for using your staff to convert more leads to patients
  • A guide to understanding where every patient is in your pipeline!

How Are We Different?

We’re not your lame agency that only focuses on “Cost Per Lead.” We’re focused on the end result, more patient consults and revenue generating cases. How do we do that? We help you create a customized “patient flow funnel” that gives you insights into where patients are falling out of your funnel.

1. Fortune 500 Frontend

We’ve brought our Fortune 500 marketing experience and strategies from companies such as Expedia, and Hilton to the Healthcare space. Our Smart Pages™ technology and AI models give you a clear advantage over your competitors.

2. Our "Patient Flow Funnel"

The customized Patient Flow Funnels we can create for your practice A. gives you visibility into where you’re losing patients because they’re disengaged; and B. helps you track marketing spend through to results. 

3. ROI Real-time Reporting

Not sure how many patients your marketing spend is generating? That’s because most practices can’t connect the frontend marketing to actual patient visits and cases. Our HIPAA compliant CRM changes that and can provide real-time ROI reporting.

Questions For Your Agency

Questions for Ad Campaigns

Do you have an Ad Schedule?

If you’re generating calls when your staff isn’t there, you’re likely wasting money. We’ve seen increases in conversion rates by over 53% when optimizing call schedules.

Are you utilizing Location Targeting?

By maximizing your location and audience targeting, we’ve seen increases of over 86% in less than 60 days! 

Are your Quality Scores improving over time?

Quality Scores are likely something your current agency hasn’t been reporting on, but they are critical to your success. We focus on improving Quality Scores for your campaigns, which lowers the cost per click and increases your profitability on the leads coming into your business.

Questions for your Website

Is your website fast on Desktop AND Mobile?

It’s no secret mobile search is the number one way someone is likely to find your website, but how fast does your website load? 53% of users will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. We offer a FREE website speed report. 

How's your SEO for Map Listings?

77% of patients use Maps to find local doctors and check their ratings online BEFORE contacting the practice. Are you showing up AND managing your online reputation? 

Are you investing in User Experience and Tracking?

User Experience starts when someone visits your site: how fast did the page load?; how easy was it to find important information?; and when someone does interact with your website, are you really tracking that and optimizing towards converting potential patients? That’s our top priority at ROI Health Partners, getting you more patients by making every interaction more efficient. 

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