About ROI Health Partners

About ROI Health Partners

ROI Health Partners has brought a Fortune 500 Enterprise digital approach to patient care.  With a multitude of experience inside and outside of healthcare, ROI’s dedicated team of engineers, marketers and patient care agents brings years of data-driven expertise to patient care management.

ROI focuses on delivering a patient experience that is second to none with all of its partners.  We use our performance tested CRM  to create a comprehensive patient system that guides patients through the process, ROI serves as a key partner for growing the company or practice.

Additionally, ROI brings its years of marketing expertise in and out of healthcare to create a patient conversion funnel for practices – including the High Capacity Marketing Engine that is tied into marketing campaigns in Google, Facebook, Bing and Instagram.  This connection between site and marketing campaign provides the foundation that enables marketing platforms to leverage AI to improve campaigns over time.  ROI gives you a solid foundation that is effective from the outset and becomes more efficient over time.

Additionally, ROI also has expertise in making your in-office patient care team more effective.  By providing scripts, call coaching and technology, ROI can partner with your team to improve the patient experience, drive SIGNICANTLY MORE 5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS and dramatically increase conversion.

The data driven approach of the ROI Marketing Suite can transform your company or practice.  For marketing to be effective and practices to grow exponentially, we believe that patients must be at the core of everything we do.  And, we focus on breaking down the complete patient journey – from that first click in Google to the day that the patient has a procedure – in order to create a process that is second to none.

For our enterprise company partners, we develop custom enterprise solutions for data challenges that the organization is facing.  Our expert team of engineers is able to build and maintain scalable data platform solutions to help take your company to the next level.

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