Get Our Proven Marketing System to Drive More Patients and Lower Patient Acquisition Costs

We are a data-driven partner for healthcare organizations who want to drive more patients, improve patient experience and get a clear picture of their marketing ROI!

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Why ROI Health Partners?


  • Acquire New Patients
  • Engage Existing Patients
  • Generate 5-Star Reviews


  • Patient Flow Funnel™ Insights
  • Track from Lead to Treatment
  • Real-time Reporting


  • Reduce Marketing Costs
  • Increase Lead & Consult Conversions
  • Prevent Patient Attrition

Marketing Strategy

We create a comprehensive marketing plan that efficiently drives new patients into your business.

Patient Flow Funnel™

Customized patient workflows, paths and automated triggers engage and move patients through your Funnel!


Effective engagement and tracking patients thru to post-treatment creates a feedback loop that optimizes your marketing spend and increase cases!

Healthcare Marketing

Are you tired of agencies not being able to show results and tie value to your marketing spend? We provide full visibility into what marketing channels produce results!

Meet Our Leadership Team

We are a data-driven partner for healthcare organizations focused on using marketing and conversion channels to drive more patients, improve the patient experience and give our Partners a clear picture of their marketing ROI!

Phil Ayres

Managing Partner

After my time at Expedia, I stepped into the healthcare space and saw a tremendous need for transparency from vendors. The agency I inherited was taking advantage my predecesor’s lack of marketing expertise, until I fired them. Eventually I created ROI Health Partners to be a trusted partner for healthcare companies.

Previous marketing experience includes:, Expedia and Nobilis Health. 

Scott Sumerford

Managing Partner

I love working with our Partners and solving complex problems. No two companies are facing the exact same problems, so creating customized solutions to meet their needs is exciting. When I hear, “We’re actually seeing more patients in the office!” it’s very rewarding to know our Partners see tangible results.   

Previous marketing experience includes: Hilton Corporate, Travelocity and AMN Healthcare.

Our Clients Include


Premier Specialty Hosptial

Peak Health Surgicare

Horizon Medical Center

Peak Bariatric

Peak Orthopedic

Texas Pain Treatment

What We Do

ROI Health Partners provides marketing and technology solutions to help large and small healthcare companies drive more patients, improve the efficiency of their spend and create the patient experience that patients deserve.

How Are We Different?

We’re not your average agency that only focuses on “Cost Per Lead.” We’re focused on the end result, more patient consults and revenue generating cases. How do we do that? We help you create a customized “patient flow funnel” that gives you insights into where patients are falling out of your funnel.

1. Fortune 500 Frontend

We’ve brought our Fortune 500 marketing experience and strategies from companies such as Expedia, and Hilton to the Healthcare space. Our Smart Pages™ technology gives you a clear advantage over your competitors.

2. Our "Patient Flow Funnel"

The customized Patient Flow Funnels we can create for your practice A. gives you visibility into where you’re losing patients because they’re disengaged; and B. helps you track marketing spend through to results. 

3. ROI Real-time Reporting

Not sure how many patients your marketing spend is generating? That’s because most practices can’t connect the frontend marketing to actual patient visits and cases. Our HIPAA compliant CRM changes that and can provide real-time ROI reporting.

What We Can Do For You

Physicians & Health Systems

ROI marketing Suite

  • CRM: Performance tested CRM solution designed to keep patients moving quickly through the process while optimizing the experience
  • Call Center Agent Conversion Monitoring:  Call agent coaching, scripting and technology management of office staff – or full call center management
  • High Capacity Marketing Engine:  Performance tested site system that connects to Google/FB/Instagram marketing campaigns and improves marketing efficiency over time.
  • Real-Time Data Engine:  The Real-Time Data Engine gives you clear dashboards that show you the ROI of your marketing spend down to a dollar.  And, it gives you the complete picture of every patient in your practice – to make sure everyone continues to move through the process.

Enterprise Partners

Whether you are integrating with aggregators or content sites, we have the technology expertise to develop an enterprise custom solution and help you improve the ROI of your investment through a data driven approach.

Why ROI Health Partners?

We integrate experience

Performance Tested System with a Measurable ROI

Our experienced team has been working in marketing and technology since the early 2000s. We have a depth of experience from a variety of industries that we bring to healthcare.

The ONLY Proven Holistic Marketing System in Healthcare

WE ARE NOT AN AGENCY! 😉 And, we do not just take your money with an uncertain ROI on results. We have a proven system and strategy focused on the holistic patient experience - from conversion to traffic spend - that gets you patients fast. We partner with you and your practice to turn your practice into And, we can show you the ROI on every dollar you spend.

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