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  • Get Higher Consult Conversion & More Procedures
  • Get More Reviews in the next 6 months than in the History of your practice
  • Get More and Happier Patients
  • Have COMPLETE Visibility into Your Marketing ROI
  • Be the BIGGEST Surgeon In Your Market!

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ROI Marketing Suite

The ROI Marketing Suite is the most comprehensive system for scaling patient growth, improving conversion, creating patient satisfaction, getting massive numbers of 5-star reviews and understanding the ROI on every dollar you spend on marketing.  Give your patients a roadmap and give your staff the automated technological advantage to easily guide every patient through your process.

Know where every patient is in your process at any given time!

ROI Marketing Suite

Platform Products

ROI Dynamic CRM

Manage each patient with a clear process - creating a top tier patient experience, while improving conversion.  Get more Google reviews than any surgeon in your market.

High Capacity Marketing Engine

Our performance tested website conversion system - combined with integrated campaigns -  powers smarter campaigns over time that become more efficient through constantly improving conversion.

Call Center Agent Conversion Monitoring

We can professionally manage your outsourced call center.  However, if you just want to help your staff convert better, we can coach your team, give them scripting that educates and converts, listen to their calls and help them achieve higher levels of conversion.  Also, we can integrate affordable, cloud-based call center solutions into our CRM.

Real-Time Data Engine

The Real-Time Data engine joins together campaign data from platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing and Instagram with internal CRM data, as well as offline call center data to give you a clear and cohesive picture of where every patient is in your process - at any given time.  This data can be joined with collections data to give you a clear ROI picture.

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